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Over its 150-year history, the American Numismatic Society has published hundreds of monographs. Many of these were scanned by the Google Books project and are now openly accessible through HathiTrust. However, these scanned books provide little functionality for keyword searches or linking to related resources in the archives or numismatic collection of the ANS. As a result, we are publishing fully functional Open Access ebooks through our Digital Library, including EPUB and PDF derivatives for mobile devices.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Many numismatic doctoral theses and dissertations are never published or appear only in print accessible to very few people. To remedy this, the American Numismatic Society invites researchers to search, read, and download from its growing collection of doctoral works without charge. Scholars are invited to submit their theses/dissertations digitally, which will be posted here for others to use under Creative Commons licensing. Over time, the ANS hopes that this Open Access area will become the world’s premier online collection of advanced, groundbreaking numismatic scholarship.


Nearly 100 ebooks have been made available by the generous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as part of the NEH/Mellon Open Humanities Book Program.

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