American Numismatic Society
American Numismatic Society

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Among the areas in which the ANS has strong holdings are:

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The ANS' numismatic collection, estimated at approximately 800,000 coins and related objects, is of international caliber, rivalled only by the largest state collections of Europe. Abounding in both large study collections and great rarities, the Society's cabinets are particularly strong in Ancient Greek, where the Hellenistic section is particularly notable; Roman Republican period issues; Islamic, of exceptional breadth and depth; Far Eastern, particularly the Chinese material; Latin American, developed over the past 40 years; and United States, both the Colonial series and Federal issues, as well as private coinages.

The Collection Database is available online.

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Medals and Decorations

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ANS policies on the acquisition and deacquisition of numismatic items are available online.

Dr. Elena Stolyarik writes about the ANS Collection in a column for ANS Magazine.