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William T.R. Marvin papers, 1877-1900
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Biographical note
Genealogist and Masonic medal expert William T.R. Marvin (1832-1913) was born in Boston and died in Brookline, Massachusetts. He graduated from Williams College in 1854 and then earned a masters degree from there in 1857. He went on to work in his father’s printing business in Boston, which then became T.R. Marvin & Son. Marvin joined the Freemasons in 1857 and developed an interest in numismatics, particularly in medals. In 1880 he published his Medals of the Masonic Fraternity and he also wrote articles on the topic. He published and edited the American Numismatic Society’s American Journal of Numismatics for nearly forty years. He was an active genealogist, serving as a member of the council of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and producing several works on the Marvin family.

Correspondence and notes, along with rubbings, wax impressions, photographs, and illustrations of coins and medals, mostly relating to Marvin’s research on Masonic medals. Includes a typescript and index for his Masonic Medals Supplement, 1888-1910, along with pages from a professionally printed version. Also contains a few printed Masonic items, such as a copy of The Canadian Craftsman and Masonic Record (August 1894), Dr. Dassigny’s “Enquiry,” A.D. 1744 and Hughan’s “Royal Arch,” 1743-1893 (1893), an invitation to a Lodge of Sorrow, Philadelphia Lodge of Perfection, Corinthian Hall (1877), and a catalog of exhibits for a Masonic exhibition held in Worcester, Massachusetts, in August 1884. Some letters from 1895 relate to Marvin’s work as a genealogist documenting the Marvin family.

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